Problems changing external url from duckdns to cloudflare

Recently I have experienced various problems with duckdns so I’m trying to migrate to a new domain and ddns using cloudflare.
My working setup:
Haos as a vm in unraid
Nginx proxy manager as a docker on unraid
Pfsense firewall, also as a vm in unraid
Duckdns as ddns service using the free duckdns url

As I said I’m experiencing some problems resolving my ip with duckdns, but when their service works everything works on my side.
To solve this I’ve bought a domain with cloudflare and I’ve started to use their ddns service. Obviously I’ve also added an entry in my Nginx proxy manager for the new url. Now the ip resolves everytime and I can get to the login screen but I’m not able to login to homeassistant.

The error I get is:

  • Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from ( Requested URL: ‘/auth/token’.

Do you have any idea of what could be the cause? To me everything seems fine and configured exactly as the working config for duckdns

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