Problems flashing ESPHome on Atom Lite (noob)

I’m a complete ESPHome noob. I’m trying to flash ESPHome to an Atom Lite using the wizard at Web - ESPHome, but I keep getting “Error: Downlading ESPHome firmware for ESP32 failed (404)”. The Atom Lite is connected to my Windows 10 PC via USB, and I have identified the correct COM port for it (the device paired OK, and I can access the console from

Any idea why the installation is failing???

I had previously installed ESPresense v3.1.0 on the device (a few months ago), but could never work out how to get it working, so I thought I’d start again as I want to explore using the device with an IR receiver to relay IR messages from a remote control to HA via MQTT.

Are you running ESPHOME as a Home Assistant add-on?

Have you tried plugging it directly into your Home Assistant server ( pi etc).

I run HA Core, so I’ve installed ESPHome in a Docker container (on the same server), The problem is that the server is in my loft, running in an Ubuntu VM on an ESXi host, so it’s not very practical to plug the hardware into the server. I did try it when I first got the Atom Lite, but I couldn’t get the USB device passed through to the guest Ubuntu OS, so gave up in the end.

What browser are you using? If I remember correctly, I think I’ve always had to switch to Chrome to get that working when I’ve needed to flash over serial (been a while since I’ve done that).

Yes it’s Chrome that I’m using

Have you tried another browser? I normally use Brave but I know I have to change browsers when I flash over USB (I thought I used Chrome, but it could just as easily be Firefox).

Yes I did try Edge, but got the same error

I’ve just got hold of another machine - a Windows 10 laptop. Tried the same method, and this time got no errors. Must’ve been some sort of environmental issue with the original machine.
Now I need to read up on what to do next…!!
Thanks for the feedback

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