Problems running mosquitto on same RPi as HomeAssistant

I have mosquitto running on the same Raspberry Pi as HomeAssistant, however when HA starts it attempts to start the embedder MQTT server hbmqtt, which fails because mosquitto is already running.
I’m not sure how to get HA to use mosquitt0.

My configuration.yaml file looks like this:

  port: 1883

The IP address is the RPi’s

Any advice?

Make sure you indent broker and port so it looks like this:

  port: 1883

I did, I do When I start Mosquitto from the prompt as a daemon it actually sees my nodes/clients but in that case it gives sqlite errors so data won’t be stored for graficall representation.

But when I start the broker from within yaml it won’t run on my raspi pi3, whatever I try and believe me I tried every yaml example i found with mqtt on the internet and in this forum, but never ever did it work.

Newest Jessie, new Raspi3, updated and upgrade everything. I am without clues.

Thanks for replying

Maybe you make a mistake here and not in actual config, but you have mttq, should be mqtt