Problems with connection to Nabu Casa

Hi all,
I have running the home assistant cloud since some weeks but I have connection problems all the time. It is very slow and i have to retry the connection 15-30 times until it works. I would expect that is not normal.

Any idea what could be the reasons for that behaviour?

That is not normal. What is the internet connection like at home?

Does this answer your question?

What are you using to produce those connection stats?

I’m not sure for what you exactly ask. In brief words i would say i plot data i get from the and the FRITZ!Box Net Monitor component via mini-graph-cards.
Does this infop already help?

My remote connection stopped working last night too. Is there an issue with Nabu Casa right now?

I would say your upload rate is pretty miserable. That means when you are accessing nabucasa the data rate will be low as your home assistant access is relying on your upload speed.

Using mine at the moment without issue

Got mine working again by logging out and signing back in on all devices. Started working again after about 10 mins

Thats also my idea and i try to search for a solution. Unfortunately there are no easy alternatives to my 16Mbit-DSL-connection.

On the other hand i can watch 4k Videaos and can access my NAS from external without this problems…

Still not sure it’s the connection :frowning:

Mine has started playing up the last few weeks.
Slow to respond to commands, reloading when navigating away and sometimes not loading at all.
My setup is a bit unhappy at the moment with missing devices while I fix some things but once reconnected and my log file is tidier I’m going to raise a ticket.

I’ve got 18MB up so it’s not that.

yeah , i have the same issues in last 2 weeks, sometimes pages not loading anymore
it is indeed an issue with nabucasa i think, because when page not loads, HA on local IP opens just fine
also no error in log file about it

I also have troubles! I have a home assistant in a cabin located several hours from where I normally live. I hooked my home assistant to nabucasa a week ago but now it’s not responding at all. Don’t know whether the power is out, or the internet connection is down. Or if there is something wrong with nabucasa. The most frustrating is that the internet (mobile) connection hides the ip so I can’t access it through ip-address. should reconnect automatically if the power goes temporarily out, right?

Well, in my case, I always need to restart hassio, then it’s connected again… Running the service to disconnect / reconnect is not enough

Anyone still having issues?

My remote option turned itself off twice today.

Going to submit a support request this evening.

I have a GitHub issue open, my issue is that remote control is still connected, but browse is not possible, need to restart HA… Do you see it as disconnected in your state?

It varies. Either I get no response when activating switches, time out or simply cannot connect. I haven’t found any pattern to what causes it.

Ah, that’s different then mine then

Hi Fabio, same problem here.
Nabu casa has run flawlessly for the last months, but now every 2 or 3 days suddenly I cannot reconnect to the remote UI also if the state of Cloud is “connected”.

I need to restart HA (101.2 on docker installation) to get the remote UI online again.

The recent change was using the new HA companion for iPhone, but I really don’t know if there is a connection.

Yes, same happens here sometimes… Not sure why, need to restart ha in order to gain access again… Only nabucasa is down… Ha still runs, I can access it locally or with my public ip