Problems with "cover.set_cover_position" on core-2021.3.1

After updating HassOS to core-2021.3.1 and some integrations on pi4, i have Problems with “cover.set_cover_position”.
If i set the postition via Script nothing happens - in Dev-Tools the Cover-Entity says it`s done, but in real nothing happened. No Errors in log.
Also it seems that the “opened/closed” state are reversed right now “0” are open “100” are closed.

The Cover-Card-Buttons (UP/STOP/DOWN) are working fine. So the Scripts, configs and Link to RFBridge are fine.
Im Using RF-Bridge with Tasmota and “Cover Time Based Component RF (trigger script)” and “slider-entity-row”. This worked awesome before.

I don`t know how to find the reason… Is it a Problem within HA or one of with the RF-Integration?
It seems that something uses a wrong Systax after updating or something like that

There were some changes including breaking changes in the mqtt cover. May want to go through the list and see.

Yes i have read it before Upgrading.
I can`t find something related to my config everything is regarding “mqtt-cover”,
but i only publish the Sequences via mqtt.publish and RfRaw to Tasmota-Bridge.

Maybe the RF-Cover Integration is mqtt-based, but im not sure if this the way it is working.
I´ve opened an Issue on Github