Problems with creating Utility Meter for water

As I, at least for the time being, am unable to automate tracking of electricity and water consumption I’m looking to do both manually with Number Helpers and Utility Meter, and while the electricity one works just fine I’m not managing to have the one for water work. I can create the Number Helper just fine, but adding that to the configuration just doesn’t create the sensor I’d need for the Utility Meter. My code is below, am I doing something wrong with this?

    name: "total_water_usage"
    unit_of_measurement: m3
    state_class: total_increasing
    device_class: water
    state: "{{ states('input_number.water_usage') }}"

I think your unit_of_measurement needs to be rather than m3. Copy and paste and see if it works.

Thank you. Needed to tinker a bit with the thing, but this was probably the crux of the issue.