Problems with KNX and dimming light

Hello all,
I just very freshly set up Home Assistant, for the first time.
Now I am trying to integrate my KNX
So far so good.
Works also very well
Only with the dimming I have problems.

    - name: "TEST
      address: "1/2/2"
      brightness_address: "1/2/2"
      brightness_state_address: "1/0/4"

Here I get the message:
Invalid config for [knx]: [address] is an invalid option for [knx]. Check: knx->knx->light->4->address. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 2).

I don’t understand it and can’t get any further.

Does anyone of you have an idea?
It must be something very simple.

Thanks a lot.

Hi :wave:!

  • close the quotation marks of your name value
  • address and brightness_address can’t be the same GA - first has to be DPT1 latter DPT5

and thank you very much for your quick feedback.
Sorry. My mistake.
I have copied the wrong code.

But here I get the same error message:

    - name: "TEST"
      adresse: "1/2/4"
      brightness_address: "1/2/3"
      brightness_state_address: "1/0/4"

According to ETS “1/2/4” is DP1 and “1/2/3” as well as “1/0/4” is DP5

Any idea

It’s address not adresse.