Problems with new Unify Router

Hi Guys,

Some help on this would be really welcome

I have replaced my BT router with a UDM Pro with 5 APs all connected to the UDM via a CAT5 home network. I have home assistant installed on a NUC using Proxmox to run a virtual machine, the NUC is now hard wired to the UDM. I had a static IP address for Home machine on my old router and it seemed to come up fine on the new router with the same IP address however I was not able to access Home Assistant using After a lot of messing around and rebooting of the VM. I tried reconnecting my old BT router to just my laptop and the NUC and was able to access Home Assistant on my laptop browser. When I disconnected the BT router and went back to the UDM setup, bizarrely I was now able to access Home Assistant. The problem is that there appears to be no connection to the internet from the HA virtual machine, so I can not access my Nabu Casa account, not even to reset the password , or Google Drive for Backups. It is also not detecting any of the Zigbee devices that are connected to the network using Sonoff LAN.

Any ideas?

Sounds like a Unifi/network issue, perhaps better off posting on the Unifi community forum.

Are you using VLANS? Routing issue between them maybe?

Thanks Jamie, I appreciate it may be down to the network what I really need is an expert on Unify, Proxmox and Home Assistant!

I have just noticed that the Proxmox itself is not listed as a client on the router. When I went into the network settings of proxmox, the Gateway (ipv4) was which was the ip address of the old BT router. I changed that to and rebooted the proxmox node and it is still not listed as a client on the UDM even though I can access it through a browser on

I’ve not used a UDMP yet, but I do use Unifi stuff. It sounds like a network misconfiguration somewhere. I’d be inclined to go through all your devices with static IPs and ensure the configs are all correct. I had a similar problem a while back and it turned out to be a typo on the network netmask on the router.

For most of my infrastructure stuff, I now use Static DHCP leases as it minimises errors when I fiddle.

Thank you for the advice Jamie. I’ve sorted it, I changed the ip address of the router to be (the same as the old one) and that meant my proxmox was able to get the network

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