Problems with Zigbee and/or SkyConnect

I’ve been using HA for several years but have been holding off on ZigBee.

However with the release of SkyConnect and my desire to add window and door sensors to my house I recently bought SkyConnect and 20 of the Aqara Window and Door sensors (Mostly based on this review from The Hookup

I have SkyConnect installed in Home Assistant. It’s connected to my Raspberry Pi4 that also runs Home Assistant. As per several recommendations I have a 3+ meter USB extension cable seperating SkyConnect and the Raspberry Pi.

Pairing the first Aqara sensor was a real hassle. I tried multiple times without SkyConnect being able to find it. I did try in various locations including right next to the SkyConnect dongle. Then suddenly it paired up and it was added successfully to HA and worked very reliable for couple of days. The 2 next sensor were similar story. Pairing was really difficult and I had to try several times but eventually got them installed.

I since added a ThirdReality Zigbee Smartplug to get some additional range and while the plug paired in the first try I haven’t been able to pair anymore Aqara sensors. And I tried many many times!

Of the 3 sensors that I eventually got paired - 2 lost connectivity after some days and trying to re-pair them have been unsuccessful.

Any suggestions on how to debug this further?