Programming Zooz ZEN34 issue - KeyPressed vs KeyPressed2x, KeyPressednx

First, I want to say I am completely new to Z-Wave, but not to Home Assistant.

I am using the Zooz S2 switches. I purchased several of the ZEN34 switches. These have two rockers - one on top, and one on the bottom. Each is seen as a “Scene controller” in Home Assistant. The top one is “Central Scene action on Endpoint 0 Scene 001”, and the bottom one is “Central Scene action on Endpoint 0 Scene 001”.

The actions offered are as follows :


I have programmed an automation that acts upon “KeyPressed” to turn on a device. This first automation works fine. I then programmed a second one that acts upon “KeyPressed2x” to turn off the device.

My problem is that when I press the bottom rocker 2 times, both automations are executed. Ie. the device is first turned on, then off. It doesn’t matter how fast I press the button - this always happens.

Is there a way to make it so that only the second automation is executed when two buttons are pressed, and not the first one ? Otherwise, the options to trigger upon 2 presses, 3 presses, 4 presses, 5 presses seem like they won’t be practically useful, if all the automations for n-1 presses are also executed first.

Use an event trigger instead, with the zwave_js_value_notification event. I think there’s a bug with device triggers.


Thank you very much for this ! That was a good workaround. Do you happen to have a link to the bug ? Is it a generic Z-Wave JS bug, or something device-specific for the Zooz device ?

It is much less intuitive to program things with Events, as one needs to do a lot of typing. One has to go back and forth between multiple screens as well, in order to get the Device ID - or Device IDs in my case, as my automations rely on multiple ZEN34. This typing really has to be done from a computer. It can’t be done from a phone with GUI and drop-downs, as Device triggers can be for Device triggers.

It’s a bug with the device trigger. No issue has been submitted AFAIK.

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Thanks. If I wasn’t leaving on an extended vacation, I would remedy that and file it myself now.

Well, there’s one stale open issue, but that one refers to duplicate events using the non-device trigger event, which I have never seen myself. I have personally reproduced the duplicates for device triggers.

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I finally got around to filing an issue for this :

It is at Zooz ZEN34 - device triggers for KeyPressed and KeyPressed2x misfire in automations · Issue #82690 · home-assistant/core · GitHub