Proscenic M7 Pro

Hi all,

I’ve bought the Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum robot, and could be very useful to control it via HA.

I’ve seen the other Proscenic integration, but seems related to a different robot version.



I join the request.
I was able to get the online and availability status, all the commands made through http POST (total cleaning, single area cleaning, zone cleaning, double cleaning, send to charge, resume cleaning and change suction power), last message, but I can’t get the current status of the robot (cleaning, charging etc), the information about the map and get the status of the consumables (e.g. hours of residual use before sensor cleaning).
It would be great if someone could get this information. unfortunately no one seems to have obtained this information. what i know is that initially a call is made to a server of your own, after which all communications take place on proscenic servers.

Hi! If you don’t mind, would you be kind enough to describe how you achieved this? I just bought a Lenovo T1 but it’s basically a M7 rebrand. So the same should work for me. I haven’t found a good way to get it integrated to Home Assistant in any way yet, so any help would be great!

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Yeah, I’m in the same boat here. Been seeing that the T1 and M7 are really similar, so hopefully this means integrating one means the other can tag along too.

For Lenovo at least there is a possibility to integrate with Google Assistant (through an app called Lenovo Link) but I sadly don’t find the equivalent for the Proscenic. Wondering if this could be used for API access of the vacuum somehow?

Hey - i’m looking for the same :slight_smile:
Hope that somebody do that work…

I’m ready for testing :sweat_smile:

Hello, same on my side. I have the robot and try to get it in HA but do not have a clue where to start :-S

Still no luck in getting my T1 integrated for real, though I haven’t been looking much into it lately. What I did do though to get it working with my automations, controlling it etc, was to use the connection to Google Home so it could be voice controlled and then setup Assistant Relay for home assistant which allows me to send commands via http and calling the vaccuum that way. At least now I can start and dock it how ever and when ever I want through HA. Just a tip while we wait for something better.