Protect on UDM Pro 3.1.9 may require local account reconfiguration

Hi All - just wanted to save some other people some time.

Upgraded my Unifi Dream Machine Pro (UDMP / UDM-PRO) to EA version 3.1.9 and my Unifi Protect integration broke.

Long story short, upgrading from 3.0.20 → EA 3.1.9 appears to change the roles for local users to “custom”, which doesn’t give access needed for the integration. Update the role for your user back to “Full Management” and you’re good to go! Currently running Protect EA 2.8.25 but seeing that it’s a Unifi OS migration problem, probably will affect other versions of Protect as well (2.8.22, 2.8.15, 2.8.14, 2.7.34).

Posting because it took me too much time to figure this out…