PS5 MQTT intergration - template sensor not working as expected

I made a template sensor for my dashboard to show the title that is being played on an image card.

so i made the following two sensors:

#PS5 afbeelding

  • name: “ps5 game afb”

unique_id: ps5-a1

state: “{{ state_attr(‘sensor.ps5_maytijn_activity’,‘title_image’) }}”

#PS5 titel

  • name: “ps5 game titel”

unique_id: ps5-a2

state: “{{ state_attr(‘sensor.ps5_maytijn_activity’,‘title_name’) }}”

Both working as expected in the test area.

But when i look at the sensor for the title name, i will see that the title “was” correct, but from the moment i am looking at the sensor it shows “unknown”.

It seems to changes to unknown (onbekend) when i look at it, but the dashboard card is also not able to show the title of the game.

Does anybody know how this is posible and how to fix?