Pull out data from diag file


I want to pull out data from an entity diag file and not sure if this is possible. I’d like to use model_number. In the past I was assisted pulling the serial number out when it was part of the entity_id, but this isn’t the case here. Not quite sure how to proceed. Do I add as attribute or is there another way?

"data": {
    "config_entry": {
      "entry_id": "996bacfd02c29697a0dcd0a2e2b0666e",
      "version": 1,
      "minor_version": 1,
      "domain": "whirlpool",
      "title": "**REDACTED**",
      "data": {
        "username": "**REDACTED**",
        "password": "**REDACTED**",
        "region": "US",
        "brand": "Maytag"
      "options": {},
      "pref_disable_new_entities": false,
      "pref_disable_polling": false,
      "source": "user",
      "unique_id": "**REDACTED**",
      "disabled_by": null
    "appliances": {
      "Washer_dryers": {
        "My Washer": {
          "SAID": "**REDACTED**",
          "NAME": "My Washer",
          "CATEGORY": "FabricCare",
          "MODEL_NUMBER": "MVW6230RHW1",
          "SERIAL_NUMBER": "**REDACTED**"