Pull publicly available streams into HA

I would like to add a stream of the New Jersey Parkway so I can visually see road quality and current traffic. The link of camera feeds is below. By right clicking and “inspect element” i can see the video is using m3u8. Opening up the m3u8 in notepad I can see that it is pointing to .ts files. But I do not know how to access them.

Tried to open m3u8 link with vlc but was unable to access stream.

Any suggestions or topics that I can explore to get these streams into my HA would be great


Generic camera component.

I have tried and was able to import a weather radar this way, but there is not actual video file that I can download just this m3u8 and ts pointers and i dont know where the .ts is pointing

Convert using ffmpeg and show that.

Maybe try ffmpeg camera integration. It allows adding extra parameters for process video

I did it real quick on a test system of hassio .103.
I can’t copy from the instance, but basically all I did was add the stream component and the generic camera component with the stream source line added. Put the uri ending in m3u8 in there. Kinda strange, but used a picture entity card…(others didn’t seem to work, but I’m seeing strange things on this system…ymmv) and added the camera and view as live.
Aspect to 75 and it looks about right.
This will always stream through though…as long as you are on that page anyway. Not thinking it would run in the background when you aren’t looking at that page.
Hopefully that helps.