Push button for modbus

Hello,I’m a HA noob and I’m asking for help with a problem I haven’t found a solution to by reading here and the various tutorials and posts.
My house is controlled by siemens logo plc (lights and shutters) and for a few weeks now I have been throwing myself into the adventure of integrating with home assistant. Now my problem: I managed to configure the communication between HA and logo but the problem is that I would need to have a button that once pressed returns to 0 after a second.
I’ve searched everywhere but couldn’t find anything that worked with my setup.
can someone help me?
I enclose the configuration for modbus communication


Hi & welcome to the forums sandrinoz600.

Need a bit of clarification on what you are attempting to do as I am not sure I understand the problem.
Your mobus configuration has the coils as switches, but they are named Sofa Light and Entrance Light.

Are they switches connected to your PLC, or lights that are controlled by your PLC?