Push Buttons and light swith configuration

Hi there, (sorry for my english, i’m not sure to be very understandable)
I just install Home Assistant on a RPi this weekend in my house with some LoraTap light switch. All is ok and it’s really great except in the dinning room.
I put a switch light instead of the telerupteur, I have 3 push buttons. With the HA panel it’s work fine, but for the 3 buttons it’s not good.
When I push a button the light turns on, it’s ok. But when I release the button the light turn off, and I need it stays on until the next push. I try to make automatisation in HA and change my cable to have the switch and the telerupteur together, but nothing work fine.

Is it possible to configure this in Home Assistant ?
If someone had a solution it would be great :slight_smile:


What push buttons are you using?

I was not sure that push button is the right word. maybe impulse button ?
It’s simple buttons with a Load and Neutral, to control a lachting switch.

So if I understand correct, you removed the teleruptor/impuls relay and replaced it with a Loratap switch ?
Something like this :


yes, this is it. but I don’t find how configure the switch to stay “on” when I push a button, like when I turn it on with HA. I see it possible with a fibaro FGS-212 and Jeedom.
so I was thniking maybe with this switch and HA it’s possible too :slight_smile:

Did you flash it with Tasmota, or are you using the Tuya integration ? If flashed with Tasmota it is just setting the correct switchmode in the Tasmota console.

I just use the Tuya integration. I did’nt know about flashing.

It will not work with the Tuya integration. They only support rocker switch, not momentarily switch.

ok ! so the problem is not the switch.
I will see how flash it,I didn’t know we could do that, it’s sounds good :slight_smile:


a last question, I have take a quick look about flashing my switch and I’ve found several ways, Tasmota, ESPurna, ESPeasy and ESPhome.
The ESP Home integration in HA look like the most simple, but I don’t know if there are the same capability than Tasmota ?

Tasmota works out-of-the-box with momentary switches. I’m sure Esphome can do that too, I just don’t have the experience.

ok, I will try whit ESPhome :slight_smile: