Push Endpoint Component Idea

I have an idea for a component that I am thinking about building, but wanted to get the idea out there first just in case there is a reason it hasn’t been implemented.

The idea is for a component that exposes an endpoint in HASS for devices that push data. The data payload could be parsed by type (json, xml, etc) and the desired data could be extracted via templates.

I believe this approach could expand the number of devices that can be used in HASS while waiting on a dedicated component to be created. It also offers an alternative for users who aren’t savvy enough to setup other solutions like MQTT which may require device firmware modifications.

Anybody have any thoughts on this approach?

There are a couple of implementations already which are working that way. The reason why a generic endpoint solution wasn’t build so far is simple: There was no need for it.

Going for the device-specific approach is often much simpler and faster than building something that works with “everything”.

I agree that device specific is better, especially since payload data can be validated and the payload structure is consistent. I know that this would be mostly for edge case devices or devices that aren’t as popular, but I do think there is a need.

I may go ahead and see if I can make it work as I envision.