Pushbullet not sending notifications

I try to set up Pushbullet but I can’t get to work.
When I execute the script it see that it has been turned on, small notification message in the HA webgui.
But I don’t receive any notification in my phone were I have the Pushbullet app installed.
How can I fault trace this?

# Send notifications
  - platform: pushbullet
    name: pushbullet
    api_key: xxx secret xxxxxxx

    alias: 'test_pushbullet'
      - service: notify.pushbullet
          title: test
          message: test

Works fine here.
Could you check your log?

I receive following error in the log.
Apparently has I not used the account in a long time. How can I active it again?

2018-11-13 10:55:47 ERROR (SyncWorker_6) [homeassistant.components.notify.pushbullet] Notify failed: {"error":{"code":"invalid_request","type":"invalid_request","message":"Account has not been used for over a month.","cat":"(=xェx=)"},"error_code":"invalid_request"}

Believe you just need to logon to Pushbullet.com, MyAccount, Account and Create a new token. Put in your config, and should resume.

Yes, that solved the problem.
I believe I did that before but apparently not!
Thank you for the help

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Last time I solved the problem and got Pushbullet to work.
But now last week it stopped to work again.
I tried to manually send a notification but it don’t work.


Get following error message in the logger

Anybody knows what is now the problem ?

Pushbullet free account has a limit of 100 messages a month. You can try to send msg again and check your logs after it will show you an api error if this is the case. You can also login to your account to check.

Edit sorry just saw your error msg yep you have exceeded your msg limit, you either need to restrict the amount of notifications you send or use a paid account. Your account will reset at end of month.