Putting a sensor on a 3rd party network that you don't manage

After arriving at work for the 2nd time (1 hour drive when no traffic) to find there was power I decided I need to stand up some sort of shadow IT sensor in our office.

My idea is to install a raspberry Pi and then connected it to My HASS install on my network. If the power goes off, my HASS will report an outage.

While typing this up, I think I have the answer but lets see what others think.

Setup a cloudflare tunnel on the Pi so that it can be reached via the internet.

Setup a HASS automation to ping the Pi and report an disconnect.

Feel obligated to ask this dumb question…will the Pi and network infrastructure be operational without electricity?

If the answer is that there’s a UPS in place, I would investigating having it send alerts for power dip/fail events…

Based on the subject of this thread, It is doable. But don’t. Just because you can does not mean you should.

If you are not authorized (shadow IT sensor) to do this and the network gets infiltrated, you could be liable.

If it is my network and I find you doing this, you are fired. No questions asked.

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I highly doubt your employer is going to be OK with you putting your personal stuff on their network. I know no company I ever worked for would be.

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Yip, I understand all that :wink:

Just wanted to put it out there.

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My HASS system will ping the URL pointing to the Pi so if there is no power then the Pi goes down and the ping is not successful.

You get mad that your company can’t call you and tell you the power is down so your solution is to break company policy and stick something on their network without their authorization. Bad idea. If it were my network, there would be consequences that involved HR because you are compromising their network, and it could possibly result in your termination. People in IT like me look for this kind of stuff and it isn’t hard to find. Depending on the industry, there may also be legal consequences for doing something this irresponsible.

I think maybe a better option is to let HR know your situation and see if the notification option can be fixed before you spend any time or money trying to figure out a solution and risk your job.

If anything, maybe from your house, ping their network as a way to do this. Some companies still may not like that because it is seen as a Denial of Service attack.


Right now this is just a thought experiment.

In practice I would not do a continual ping but just before I leave at 5am so no DOS alert would be triggered.

The pi would be on the guest wifi so all in all I don’t see a big issue but yes I would run it past the powers that be :wink:

Yeah. I understand what you are saying.

But, no way I would agree to give information here to proceed with this.

The owner/company should really set up something with their electric provider that notifies them and they notify the employees.

I don’t believe you would ‘run this by the powers that be’ based on ‘shadow IT sensor’.

Just saying.