PV Logger Stick LSW-3-C / Solarman: Best way of integration

Dear friends,

I am currently setting up my PV system. In the basement already hangs an inverter from the Chinese company GSE (I do not want to discuss this now :hugs:).

Before the final installation, by my electrician, I would like to make myself smart in advance, how I can best get the integration in HA. I am aware that there are for many brand inverters (SMA, Fronius, …) own integrations. For GSE, however, unfortunately not.

The inverter comes with a logger that is connected to the inverter via a comport (Model LSW-3-C). If I follow the package insert of this hardware, then a representation can be made by means of the app “Solarman”. In any case, there is already a HACS integration for Solarman. Should it go so easily or am I rejoicing too soon? (Say, has Solarman etc. possibly a disadvantage such as fresh values only every 15 minutes or similar?)

At my electricity meter also hangs a Shelly 3EM, also here I could still pick up values. However, I would also like, in addition to the normal capabilities of the energy dashboard, also monitor the 10 kWh battery and - that would be my desired state - configure it in some way. Will mean possibly “hurricane approaching - battery on 100% SOC leave and only mains” to be prepared in case of power failure. Or - depending on the permissibility - charging the battery with mains power, etc.

Do I think too complicated? Do I have to hard program to read the interface and integrate it into HA etc.?

The logger offers: Meter-485 Port, Modbusport and is an RS232.

Of course I would like to switch then also small automations like e.g. with PV-surplus a switching on of heater fans, heating sword, or small el. consumers like e.g. dishwashers and a beautiful Dash board representation.

Many thanks to you,