Python >=3.5.3 on Synology


i am trying to install Home Automatization ( on my Synology. I’ve installed python via the synology packaging system, i’ve done basic setup ( but when i try to run the daemon i see this in console:

homeassistant requires Python ‘>=3.5.3’ but the running Python is 3.5.1

Is there any chance to update the python to required version on synology? Can you help me please?

Hi, I have the same issue. I have Python 3.5.1 running. Got around the permission problem by creating a shared folder in DSM. But when I try to start the daemon the log file says
“Home Assistant requires at least Python 3.5.3”

I am running
DSM 6.1.5-15254 Update 1

Anyone with suggestions?

I am running DS216j and the same version of DSM - DSM 6.1.5-15254 Update 1

i found out that it can be installed via another package installer on synology, but is this good idea?

I would consider updating Python on my Synology box. The only reason I installed Python3 was to support Home Assistant, so a ‘non-supported’ install should not affect anything else. What is the method to install a newer version of Python3?

I am also considering opening a defect against the install documentation for Synology since it is impossible to install a version of Home Assistant that will run on the Synology with the directions as written. It could be that the development team does not realize that some recent update adversely affects operation for Synology.


Same problem here with my homeassistant installation on a DS218j. I am looking for a method to update to python3.5.3 beside waiting for Synology to update its package…

Is it possible to install the latest python using Debian Chroot? Or with a package from SynoCommunity?


Indeed I believe it is possible to install a chroot environment on Synology and that is certainly a method to have the latest versions of Linux software. BUT, my forum reading about chroot on Synology convinces me that I don’t want to support a full Debian OS running inside DSM. There are just too many possible problems. I see one post that DSM no longer runs and that scares me. My data on the Synology is just too valuable to me and I don’t want to lose it. I may give up on the Synology for now and try Home Assistant on an old RPi.

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Home Assistant 0.64 supports python 3.4 (, but i don’t know, how to install it (I tried “./python3 -m pip install homeassistant-0.64.0”, but that is not working)

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python3 -m pip install homeassistant==0.64.3

That’s what you’re after :wink:


Thanks Tinkerer! That installed something that works.

Not sure if it was necessary, but I removed all files in /volume1/@appstore/py3k/usr/local/lib/python3.5/site-packages before installing 64.3 because I was afraid of conflicts with newer files.


This is annoying. Anybody know the docker command to pull 0.64?

I opened an issue to update the Synology documentation because the current documentation will not work.

It’d have been better if you’d suggested an edit to the documentation. I’ll submit that for you though, and close the issue - the real problem is that Synology need to offer an updated version of Python.

depending on how you are running your docker environment, it’s just a matter of homeassistant/home-assistant:0.64.3 in your command. example: docker pull homeassistant/home-assistant:0.64.3, but if you want your container to run that image, you have to specify that in your docker run command or docker-compose file.

You can always pull any tagged version you like:

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Sorry for causing a problem. I did suggest an edit to the documentation with replacement and additional text.

My experience is that Synology has been slow to release update as part of their quality assurance process. The good news is that the updates they release are well tested. I will try to open a support request with Synology to push for a Python3 update.

I have been going back and forth with Synology support. I did get a response that Python3 is not developed by Synology, but by Python Software Foundation, So Synology support suggest that I contact Python Software Foundation to get them to update the build they supply to Synology.

The Synology software link sends me to At that website I can find no way to contact anyone about updates for the Synology. For instance the issue tracker has no entries for Synology or DSM. My support interface claims they have no details about how to contact the person or group who actually supplies software that Synology its self distributes.

You’d have thought Synology would have contact details of the people that supplied packages - it sounds like Synology are being deliberately unhelpful.

I’d reach out to the Python community on one of their community pages and see if anybody can help direct you to somebody that can help.

Question: does the latest hass REALLY REQUIRE python 3.5.3, or did someone just arbitrarily say it requires the latest (perhaps the version they tested with). Perhaps a fix would be to remove the requirement from hass, and allow hass to run with 3.5.1? Would that be a new issue to open?

Python 3.5.3 is not arbitrary, it has some important fixes.

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I recall seeing somewhere that there is a solution to this problem?

I’ve been working on cleaning up an updated python-3.5.5 that I expect to release on (an sspks site). I plan to Pull-Request into Synocommunity when it’s clean. The next step of course would be to catch up to 3.7.0 and release in step.

I’m blocked by some new issue of a missing “” that’s listed in an LD_PRELOAD that I can’t find. If anyone has an idea about that beyond the “openhook=” parameter to the open() call, that would be awesome.

“Real Soon Now”.

I’m willing to cross-compile other archs right now if you want to test.