Python Deprecation: Please take popular Distros' Python versions into account

I am worried that Home Assistant is dropping Python 3.7 support in the next release.

For users of popular Linux Distros such as Debian this means that Home Assistant will not be supported on these platforms any more. The latest Debian stable release (buster) only has Python 3.7 available and there is no backport package or anything like that in sight. This means that newer versions of Home Assistant won’t run on Debian.

So I am asking the HASS developers to take popular Linux distributions into account when deprecating Python versions. I know there are two options here: compiling Python on it’s own or switching to Docker. But both of these options have big security implications so they are not an option for security-sensitive people out there.

So what I am asking is that Python deprecation should not only consider upstream Python releases, but also the Python versions available in the most popular Linux distributions.

It’s not a feature request as requirements for Python is not a game from developers ! It’s because new features of HA needs newer version of Python and you can’t prevent that ! Considering all options you have to install HA (from a cheap Pi4 or a VM in Virtualbox for example) you are not really stuck :wink:
Side note I’m running Ubuntu 20.04 and I have Python 3.8 so your statement about outdated version of Python is not really true too…