Qolsys IQ Panel 4 and Qolsysgw

Was looking for some assistance with qolsysgw and qolsys IQ panel 4 and was hoping someone could help out. So I got a IQ4 security panel that is monitored through alarm.com. I am trying to setup the qolsysgw integration.

I have working appdaemon and mqtt instance running in docker. And I have the qolsysgw automation setup in HASS.

I can’t seem to figure out from the documentation for qolsysgw how to get them all working with IQ4 panel though.

I have read control4 is available with the most recent update for the panel and some people have had some luck with setting it up with qolsysgw. But I can’t seem to figure out how to turn it on or get the code needed from the panel for the qolsysgw integration. Or is it enabled by default and I need to setup a different way with IQ4 panel?

I have read the enable 3rd party integration should be there under installer options but I don’t see the setting at all. I am on version 4.10 as well

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Hopefully you’ve resolved this by now, but if not… I am new to Home Assistant and the IQ 4. I just went though this. I have an outboard Linux host that runs the required services as docker containers.

  • mosquitto
  • appdaemon with qolsysgw loaded

After you mostly configure appdaemon and mosquitto, you need to log into your qolsys panel as the dealer user (default 2222). Go to advanced, installation, devices, wifi, then third party. Enable control4 and restart. Immediately upon restart, go in to the same menu and get the six character security token. Since the panel changes over to 6 number PINs, the dealer code is now 222200. Do the final setup to start appdaemon/qolsysgw and watch the appdaemon logs on port 5050 for a connection. If I didn’t have anything talking to the control4 interface, the panel would restart with control4 disabled within 5 minutes and I’d have to repeat enabling control4. I think this is a security feature.

Thanks for the help! I did get it sorted out with exactly the above. My issue appeared to be the dealer had changed the defaults. Appreciate the reply!

I was also logging in as the admin i think, which as limited views. And not the dealer code.

Could either of you share what the panel looks like in HA or what your experience is with the Qolsys IQ 4 panel has been like? I’m trying to decide between this and the Honeywell ProA7Plus but I hear the Qolsys is a better / newer pane and system overall.