Qubino dimmer change settings in User Interface

Hi Guys,

I’m not playing around Home assistant for a long time and not a programmer. So I try to set things in the User Interface of Home Assistant.

At this moment I can switch lights on and off. In my system I have two Qubino devices. One switch and one dimmer. Both of them switch on at sun down and switch off at sun up. So all sorted. But I want to dim the light at 1.00.

I have tried all ways but I can not dim the Qubino.

I do a time trigger at 1.00 and the action is service call. And then I’m lost. I have some options

  • Light Toggle
  • Light Turn on
  • Light turn off
  • Switch Toggle
  • Switch turn on
  • Switch turn off.

The service data I give is.

“entity_id”: “light.qubino_goap_zmnhdd1_flush_dimmer_level”

Where do I fill in the level? Or do I have to give a extra line or something. And what is the action I have to give. Again I’m not working in the coded world but in the normal user interface.