Question: Looking for ideas for a CO2 gas bottle timer

Hey guys
Not sure if this is the right topic to ask my question, so apologies if it ain’t.
Basically, because I did not find anything similiar already existing, I would like to ask for ideas to the following task:

I have set up a Mosqito trap from Biogents which is using CO2 from a 10kg gas bottle as an attractant. It works very nice but unfortunately CO2 is not really cheap.
That being said I currently have no possibility to take control about CO2 output being on or off. For example on nightime there is a timeframe about 6 hours where mosquitos are not active and for that timeframe I would like to disable the CO2 output.

The mosquito trap seller does indeed provide this CO2 timer device, but there is no possibility to take control over it via Home Assistant.
Any ideas from the HA community for a Home Assistant compatible CO2 timer solution?
I don’t think this would be too complicated but I have no experience in the hardware (e.g. valve and stuff) I need. Maybe there do already exist for example ZigBee solutions I am not aware of?
Even DIY solutions (e.g. ESP Home) are welcome!

Thank you very much in advance!