Question on ZHA checkin events

I am suddenly getting a LOT of checkin events fired through ZHA. Below is an example. How can I turn these off, and should I?

Wondering the same thing

Im getting the same with a single device

I’m getting the same spam with a multisensor - zhaquirks.samjin.multi2.SmartthingsMultiPurposeSensor2019

I haven’t seen anything I could do to turn these log entries off? Or at least hide them?

There are several of us wondering the same

I found an answer there : ZHA - Checkin Event was fired ever feww seconds · Issue #85342 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Sorry Phillip, that doesn’t help me at this time.
I’m still getting the events, about every minute or so. When I try following the directions of pull attrib, when I click the read attribute, it runs for a few secs, then gives me a red stopsign-looking icon for a couple seconds, and never fills in the value.
I have a HUB-z controller plugged into my Odroid N2+.

This is still happening. It started maybe within a month or so of me posting, one of the updates. If I look in the logbook for any of the device/entities, it doesn’t show any checkin event/attribute event, anything, so apparently it is not an entity. Anyone still looking into this?

Please help! My logbook is full of these. It’s nearly impossible to find certain logs because of all of these events firing.

If you still have an issue: Re-configuring the entity with reporting issues fixed the issue for me. I can see you have multiple entities, but I think you could try it anyways. Could be that an update of ZHA caused this…

I think so. I’m having more ZHA problems now, at least with a battery card, but the issue is still here, as I posted the pic above.

My heater valve does the same thing. However, I don’t care about the logbook. My problem is that the LED lights turn on every time this happens… Any way to fix the root cause on the device? (I know this rather a Zigbee problem than HA but I am interested anyway.)