Questions about the new Zwave

Is there a way to migrate to this Zwave JS or do we have to start over from scratch? Do I need to generate a new network key? I see talk about it in the blog but nothing about how to actually change over.


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Chevk the community guidelines here, there are multiple guides to migrate from different integrations.

That looks like we have to start over (or practically speaking).
Thanks for the links…

No not really. Yes you have to rename devices but you don’t have to exclude and include. The new Zwave is thousands of times better and worth the little time to migrate.

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I migrated 50 devices and a large multiple of entities from openzwave to zwaveJS. It took a little prep, and a few hours of renaming the auto generated entities back to what they were once I got the new one installed. It seems to be faster and more stable. Pay attention to the prep steps, they’ll save you significant time.

Also note that you only need to rename devices that are named in automations, scripts, or lovelace. I transitioned 40 nodes in about 20 minutes from OZW to ZwaveJS. So far the change has been worth it.

So far no go.

ZWave JS won’t let me define the correct path to my Zwave device and is hardwired to offer a few choices, none of which is correct for my install (/dev/ttyACM0)

Is there a way to override these hardwired choices?

Looks like you have to go manual or it won’t work. If you run into this bug, use YAML to get around it.

Ok lets see what other surprises await me…

Before the changeover I had 14 devices and 54 entities
After the changeover I have 10 devices and 27 entities.

Trying to find out which ones and where they went to …

It was not letting me rename entries - I finally got one to work but then it would not let me put it back into lovelace . Let me try rebooting again…

I have got the plain zwave switches to work, but zwave plus devices like backdoor lock and garage door opener are problematic because the new entries it created do not clearly match the older ones. Not enough to be able to map them if that makes sense. Trial by error .

For example I have a zwave power outlet and for the sensor wattage reading the new zwave did not have a corresponding entity with anything labeled wattage (I * V). Well I guess to some people, (I * V) might generically call this power instead of watts. KWH was called “energy”.

But garage door and lock have terms I am having to guess at.

Homekit is dead but if I can get these ambiguous entries figured out, Homekit should be an easy fix.

The other issue I am having is it is not letting me delete the new entries that Zwave JS created.

Normal Zwave working fine. Zwave Plus is working but zwave Js created a bunch of junk entities that refuse to be deleted or even renamed. Dashboard is a cluttered mess with all these junk entries but at least I can hide them (I think that still works)… The zwave plus door lock has a battery indicator but it no longer shows up on the dashboard but it is still there and working. I have been working on this most of the day so I am going to call it a night and try some more later when I am in a better state of mind.