Questions when moving from OpenHAB to HA


I have used OpenHAB for 4 years and lately looked alot towards HA. The HA development has been quicker to add new features. OpenHAB has also many poorly functioning aspects that I have felt I need to work around constantly. Also, the iOS app GUI is significantly better in HA. As a result, I have now started to migrate towards HA. As OH and HA are different, I have few questions that I did not find clear answers from in the documentation that I would like to straighten out before I proceed further with my configuration.

I have made few own integrations in Node-Red that I will continue to use as there is no “native” replacement. What I cannot find is clear answers on is what the philosophy for entities and attributes is. As an example, I have sensors that measure both temperature and humidity. They also save the time when the measurement was made (they update seldom). Would the intended way be to create one sensor entity and add one of the measured things (say temperature) as type and state, and the update time and humidity as attributes? Or should I create two entities for one sensor (temperature + humidity)? I know both works, but there is probably a philosophy behind the design.

I have integrated my alarm system with Node-Red to HA. In Lovelace, the door sensors show on/off instead of open/closed. If I open the entity in Lovelace, the state is displayed as I want it (open/closed). Is there any way to map different states to Lovelace? I searched on this topic and found few older threads with a workaround with a template sensor. However, I think that is a rather complicated solution to something that is purely visual. Is it possible to do such mapping directly in Lovelace?

My final question for now is regarding the log that is displayed when an item is opened in Lovelace. I have added my doorbell to HA as a boolean sensor. I thus get both on and off as states. But the duration of the doorbell calls is uninteresting, and having both on/off in the log means that I see half of the data I would rather see. Is there any way to set it up to just show one of the events (on) ?

Thank you in advance!