Quota exceeded for quota metric 'Quota units' and limit 'Quota units per minute' of service 'homegraph.googleapis.com' for consumer 'project_number:627021166709'

" Quota exceeded for quota metric ‘Quota units’ and limit ‘Quota units per minute’ of service ‘homegraph.googleapis.com’ for consumer 'project_number:"
I see this in the logging???
What does this mean?

I just noticed the same thing in my logs. I would like to know what this means as well.

Glad i’m not alone. But still don’t know why.

I’ve also just started getting this, pretty sure it’s the tts service. I am using the cloud_say service with Nabu Casa.

I don’t use the cloud_say service Nabu casa…

This just showed up in my log today after the 2020.12 update. Perhaps a timing coincidence…

Sounds like there is an issue with Nabu Casa & Google integration.

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Yup, I am getting the same error after the 2020.12 update

Same here, my first thought was that i am hitting some limits in my google project, but the project id doesn.t match to me. I see now that it is Nabu Casa’s project…

Getting the same thing here.

Are we all seeing the same project number in our logs as the subject: 627021166709 ?

Yes - that’s the same project number as mine

Same project number here,

Same here, I don’t use any Google Service apart from the map API to get the time from my home to my office. At least AFAIK. Actually it started around the time I started using Nabu Casa (cloud service). Are you guys using that as well?

I also use google assistant integration through Nabu Casa. I suspect this to be the cause.

Since we all have the same project number, maybe this is some quota for all HA installations.

HA is just to successfull :grin:

same project_number here…

Same project number here.

I would add that I found it because I was trying to figure out why hass was using more CPU than on average.

I’m receiving this error in the hundreds as well.

i guess we all do, that means that someone is collecting data from our systems into his account…

This worries me somewhat, I’ve posted the same error on the same date.
Anybody from Ha Core team that knows about this? @frenck ?

Me too, same project number