Rachio - PERMISSION_DENIED - On Shared Controller - Option to Skip?

I have the Rachio integration setup. My account has 1 shared location that I don’t want linked to HA. Is it possible to skip a location, by ID or something, so it doesn’t keep trying and failing?

ERROR (SyncWorker_0) [homeassistant.components.rachio.device] Failed to add rachio controller '{Controller_Name}' because of an error: PERMISSION_DENIED: Requesting user does not have access to location {LocationID}

It should only try once at startup. Are you seeing it more often then that?

From what I can tell, it looks like I see it everytime I restart home assistant.

Sorry that’s what I meant.

There isn’t a way to selectively add controllers, it’s based solely on the API token provided. Other than showing once in the logs it isn’t hurting anything.

I’m going to chime back in on this real quick to get a second opinion…

@bdraco, do you think it would make sense to separate this particular event to make it less severe in the logs, since this is not really an error but something that would be expected in this situation? That way we aren’t logging an error (or multiple errors depending how many shared access controllers a user has) at every startup…

It probably makes sense to downgrade it to warning it even info

This will now be shown as INFO in the logs instead of ERROR. Thanks for pointing this out!