Rachio Sprinkler schedule data retrival

J. Nick Koston (@bdraco) has done a great job bringing some basic Rachio functionality to the system. Thanks!

I was hoping to glean a bit more information from the system. For instance, I would love to get a notice if a particular zone is going to run in the next 12 hours. Then I can get the kids to clean up the yard before they ruin a watering. Or if a zone is suddenly scheduled after no runs for two weeks (aka spring hose check time)

Are there plans to extend this integration?

So maybe a sensor that will return the next time the system will run as a datetime object. Sounds useful.

@sprynm AFAICT (I might have missed it), the rachio api doesn’t provide enough formatted data to determine when a zone is next going to be watered. We would have to parse the rule names which wouldn’t be reliable because they aren’t formatted in a standard way. If rachio were to add a next_scheduled_run_time or similar field to the api, this would be possible.

Thanks for the reply @bdraco, this post seems to suggest it was available at the time of posting:

Perhaps the API changed? Given the plethora of information the API does provide, seems strange this would be missing.

nextRun doesn’t appear to be documented in the API. They may have added it but not updated the docs

I see the dev in the link directly polled the device at:
https://app.rach.io/env.json and

So not part of the official API but programmatically available. Hard to say how stable that would be however.

They have a suggest an edit button on the docs. If they update the docs, I’d feel ok using it.

Giving them a nudge.

Hopefully they can expose it for the reasons I outline in the post.

I was thinking of making this same request the other day for the exact same reason.

@bdraco, fyi…I also would be very interested in this functionality if Rachio gets around to updating their docs or improving api support per the discussion above…

We are looking for a nod from Rachio that this data is going to remain available before the work can be done to implement.

From Franz (CTO) @ Rachio:

We don’t have current plans on the roadmap to extend the public API functionality.

If you can find that data using the cloud rest API there are no plans to deprecate, but we do not provide documentation or externally support those endpoints.

So, how do you feel about that @bdraco? Using the cloud rest API isn’t forbidden but not officially supported. But it seems the only way for at least a year to get schedule data from the system.

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Its nice to hear there are no plans to deprecate it :slight_smile:

That reads to me as we shouldn’t use the cloud rest API as there isn’t any incentive to keep compatibility since its not officially supported.

I know that this thread is 16 months old. Has this changed at all or is the solution to still use the unsupported rest API?

For such a feature rich controller, I am very surprised that very basic data like upcoming schedule is not exposed in the public API for the product.

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Bumping this after almost 2 years. Am I missing something or is this feature still in the works?