Rachio starts but won't stop

I just installed my rachio system. It works great from my iphone. I installed the component pieces under HA. The different zone switches showed up just as expected. I turned on of the zone switches on and my yard started getting watered. Great!!! Problem is the switch turned itself back off and the water didn’t stop running. I had to go to my phone app, turn on that zone manually and then turn it off to get the sprinkler system to stop running.

you have to share your HA instance with the Internet for webhooks to work.

I recommend getting a cheap domain and installing nginx proxy manager. it is relatively painless and less of a hassle than the duckdns/letsencrypt solution.

I have quite a few years of network experience, and it took me about 15 minutes to be up and running. Your experience will likely vary depending on your familiarity with Internet services.

A fairly easy how-to:

This user recommends a DNS challenge for letsencrypt, but if you set the proxy up to forward http requests to ssl and setup a redirect for 403 pages to some place like google.com it will lessen the the noise from the script kiddies.

I also recommend creating some firewall rules on your edge router to only allow certain IPs in. A edge router with a VPN would be ideal, but that starts getting a bit complex for the average user. I do not recommend free VPN products as most of them are scams. There are a few legit ones, but it is not that hard to setup an ipsec vpn on most modern consumer routers.

anyway, once you allow access to your Home Assistant instance from the outside, webhooks will start working. the rachio integration wont act so weird; the toggle switches will actually stay engaged when a zone is running, and function the way you expect.

hope that helps. it might be a bit to digest,… just spend 10 bucks for a domain and read through that how to a couple of times before you actually run through it… you’ll be all set. :wink::+1: