RadioThermostat 2 temp entities. Whats the 2nd?!

I’m running a RadioThermostat zwave thermostat, and it has created two temperature entities. Initially I thought it was high/low set point but it doesn’t line up correctly to the same temp settings that I set using the the generic thermostat card. One of the two (temperature 1) seems to be the actual temperature in the house. The other (temperature 2) doesn’t seem to match a high set point, low set point, current temp, or anything else that I can find. Curious what it might be?

thermo1 thermo2

Which model? I have a CT32, it’s a multi-channel Z-Wave device which means it supports multiple instances (endpoints), where each instance has its own values. In the case of the CT32, in addition to the first endpoint (or root), the second endpoint exposes its own humidity and temperature sensors. It has the same behavior, the second endpoint values never update.

If you click on “Refresh Entity” in the Z-Wave control panel (select the Node then entity) or use the zwave.refresh_entity service call (using the temperature entity) you should see the values update to the correct ones.

If you look in the Devices menu, if you have two thermostats listed then yours is also multi-channel. You can also check the zwcfg*.xml cache file for “COMMAND_CLASS_MULTI_INSTANCE/CHANNEL”.

I think the extra endpoints might be used for group association, so you could send reports to other nodes… but I have no clue really. I just don’t pay any attention to the sensors.

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Thanks. That does make sense. I’m using the CT101 and though I don’t see where it mentions dual or multi zone in the manual, that does seem to be the same behavior that you’re getting with the CT32 it seems. Refreshing the entity does set them both to the same value.

Thanks, mystery solved!

Sorry to jump in here a few years later… I just recently started a migration from Vera Plus to HA. So far, it’s going very well and I’m really happy with HA.

That said, I have a CT100 and CT80 thermostat, and both exhibit this behavior in HA and not in Vera. Hiding the “second” thermostat isn’t an issue. The CT100 seems to update in the Overview dashboard just fine, but the CT80 never shows the actual temperature_sensor update unless I do what you suggest above (click on the “refresh_entity” in the Z-Wave settings screen). That works, but is obviously not ideal.

I realize (or suspect) that I can have a “timed automation” that does that for me on some regular basis, but that feels gross for some reason (the thermostat has a C-Wire, so it’s not running on battery).

Is there some other way to tell the thermostat to send an update message to HA whenever the temperature sensor changes?

Thanks in advance (if you’re still around reading these). :wink: