Rainforest Eagle 3 is out! When will it be supported or is it already?

Eagle 3

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I have one on order, so will test when it arrives. I am hoping it works with the existing API…

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Did it work?

I’m very curious to hear this too - if so, I’ll likely buy one.

I just installed one this week to work with my PG&E Smart Meter. It works great with the current integration and I’m having a lot of fun monitoring my home’s energy usage.


Got one 2 weeks ago, unfortunately it took that long for my utility to enable ZigBee on my meter.

The energy sensors (sensor.eagle_200_total_meter_energy_delivered and sensor.eagle_200_total_meter_energy_received) only appear to be updated every 5 minutes.

Is this a known issue? a HA sensor restrictions or limited by how often the meter is transmitting?

Quick Google Search seems to suggest that 5 minutes is expected for smart metering transmitting.

Does this device give your real time usage for both your electric and gas? (I’m on PG&E)

For me at least, it is electric only.