Random inaccessibility issues

Hi there! first time post as I’ve tried everything I can think of!

I have HASS running within Oracle VMB and all runs fine…until it doesn’t. It will randomly become inaccessible via the APP/Mac/Browser until I restart the VM or sometimes even the machine it’s running on. Sometimes it runs fine for weeks, other times a few times a day I’m required to restart the machine/VM.

The kicker is I am still able to run commands through the VM so HASS itself still appears to be running. Very lost for idea’s and searching for this particular issue has been hard. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


I abandoned VirtualBox (on Debian/Ubuntu) because it was just not stable over time. If you want to continue running on IOS I think there are better choices for VM’s.

I am sure others on the list will have some input of which VM to use on IOS. I chose to go with Debian/Supervisor install which has been VERY stable. But I am comfortable with Linux.