Random lights in a light group not behaving

Does anyone else have lights grouped in HA and have the problem where randomly some light in the light group will not turn on or off when the light group is given the command? I have maybe a dozen light groups, most of the groups contain the same brand/model of bulb within the group.
My setup has a HUSBZB-1 antenna centrally located.
70 or so zigbee devices with 15 or so outlet routers. The mesh was always working good in smartthings.
The problem is randomly when the light group is turned on or off, one random bulb in a random light group will not do what it is told. Repeating the command usually does complete the task. All of the time it’s a real light (not a light entity created from a switch) and like I said before, most of the groups where this problem occurs contain the same type of bulbs. Groups are typically 3 to 10 bulbs.

I have grouped all the groups into 1 all-bulbs group (about 35 bulbs) and if I just turn on or off the all group in my lovelace dashboard, I would say 4 out of 10 times 1 (sometimes 2) bulbs will not go off or on when the rest of the group does. In node-red I’ll just use an inject to turn on or off the all group and the same thing happens. For those bulbs that do not react, if I trigger the inject again they will finally go off (or on)

Is it my zigbee mesh? or too many bulbs per group?
Has anyone else encountered this? I couldn’t find this exact problem in a search.
Any recommendations would be helpful.

Don’t group zigbee lights in HA, group them on the ZigBee side.
Let’s say you have 10 lights in a group created by HA, now you send a command to turn off this light group. What hapoens is, that HA sends 10 commands to the ZigBee coordinator, one for each bulb. This can lead to delayed/missed messages and therfore lights not turning off or later than the others.
When you create a group on the ZigBee side and send the command to turn it off, only one message will be sent to the coordinator and afterwards the message will be propagated automagically to the other bulbs in the group.

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I never saw that before! Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

This seems to have solved my similar problem. Will keep an eye on it
Thank you.

Is there doco on how to do this “Zigbee Group”?

I made a HA “Light Group” of six Zigbee lights, but I have the issues the OP describes.

HA Core 2024.1.6