RaspBee 2 and Home Assistant on same Raspberry?

Probably a silly question, but please have understanding for a confused noob…
Have been playing with HA for couple of weeks now, installed on Pie 4 (4GB, 64bit).
Thinking about adding a Zigbee controller, e.g. RaspBee 2, but got properly confused reading about installation and SD images… So, can I stick the RaspBee into the same Pie 4 that I’m running the HA on? Or does RaspBee need a dedicated Pie to run on?

Yes, works. I have the same setup, based on HA Container.

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Cool, thanks!

I’ve the same configuration and can not succeed in making it work.

is that by using /dev/ttyS0 ?

There are many options to address a Raspbee II, but ttyS0 is none of them. Infact, you need to disable, reroute the serial console 0, otherwise it will block the Raspbee. See instructions on this page.

My Raspbee II connects as /dev/ttyAMA0 (and works).