Raspberry Pi 3 - Do It All

Hi guys

In the past, I have installed different programs to do different things including HASS in my Raspberry Pi 2. They worked great. I recently upgraded to Raspberry Pi 3 and installed HASS using AiO installer and thinking to do the same again and wondering what are your thoughts are.

Right now my RPi3 set up.

  • 1x Flash drive 64GB
  • 1x Aeon Labs Z Wave Stick S2
  • 1x RF transmitter and receiver connected to the GPIO


The plan is to install

  • Transmission Daemon (torrent)
  • Sonarr a.k.a NZBdrone (TV)
  • Couchpotato (Movies)
  • Ubooquity (ebooks server)
  • Pi-Hole (ad blocker)
  • CUPS (print server)
  • Seafile/Owncloud (personal cloud)
  • Wallabag (read it later)

Do you think this is too much? In my past Pi2 I have HASS, webmin, transmission, SABNZB, sonarr, couchpotato, ubooquity and CUPS. But not Pihole, seafile, wallabag.

Do you think any of this will interfere with HASS AiO (running on virtual environment)

Should I separate HASS with everything else?

Awaiting for your thoughts!


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That’s a lot for one small little computer. It might be able to do it but I would consider moving it. I have Pi-hole running on it’s own system. The RPi 3 is pretty capable but with 1GB of memory it will have limitations.

I thought so too. as of right now with HASS and webmin, it barely uses any CPU/RAM and running stably.

I think Seafile/Owncloud + Couchpotato is the problem because if you use an external harddrive you’ll be limited to USB 2.0 speed and thats too slow to handle multiple file-streams.

I’ve got a pi2 which is only a plex media server and with 3 clients, it’s at the limits.


all my pi does is download and process items, I have bigger NAS server (HP N40L) with its NFS shares mapped to the pi. Once couchpotato or sonarr finished with the download, autoprocessing kicks in and move these files to the NAS (clearing the HDD space on the pi)

On the NAS it serves Plex.

So pi is more or less just a download box running HASS on top. It’s pretty neat.

I know this is an old thread but why not run it all on the N40L? Thats what i do not the exact list you mentioned but similar and it uses minimum resource on my N40.

Hi @jamieb

N40L electricity consumption is far more compared to RPi if left running for 24x7.

Plus, HASS is already running 24x7, hey might as well run it for something else.

So far, I have not had any slowness or issues. YAY!