Raspberry PI 4 32 bit?

Hi Guys,
I see I need to get PI 4 32 bit ( Recommended ) and not the 64 bit ?
Does the PI 4 come in two versions , 32bit & 64 bit, I don’t see that on the site I am buying the board from?


The Raspberry Pi hardware only comes in 1 standard, where it is capable of running 64 bit or 32 bit. Hence you only see one version (with different RAM size)

The software you run on it have a choice to be 32 bit or 64 bit.

I’ve installed 32 bit as per recommendation, but I’m not sure they are current. If I were to install it now or in the future, I’ll be putting 64 bit software on there.

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Awesome thanks , just wanted to make sure before placed my order.

Thanks again for quick reply and help

Sorry this is a reply to both of you.
The 32bit hassos is recommended as it is slightly more stable (though both are pretty damn stable) as wyx087 says the hardware pi3/pi4 are 64 bit capable)
The only real consideration (as 32bit will easily address the maximum 4GB memory in a pi4) is if you ‘may’ want to use Visual Studio Code on the said pi (it will (apparently, I’ve not tested myself) only run on a 64 bit OS).
Raspbian buster is only currently available in 32bit and that’s the only way you’ll get to run your system from an ssd (see other threads).
So there are pros and cons.
I run vsc from a separate workstation :smiley:


Oh and as @nickrout says “no one every got sacked for buying too much ram” so buy a 4gb version