Raspberry Pi 4 configuration

Hi, Ive read quite a few articles on this subject on this forum, and am looking for anybody’s opinion on this setup.

I have a PI 4 , 2GB ram, 500GB SSD, running hass in a virtual python 3.9 env, as I understand it “should” run HA effectively. 1st problem was the DB, especially running on the SDCard, I have had to move this to a 500GB SSD and started using MariaDB to keep performance up and also to be able to store 250-300 days of data. This is all fine and does appear to work well and responsively. A couple of weeks ago I found HA grinding to a snails pace, no changes had been made, after I finally managed to get on the PI when this happened, this turned out to be the 100MB swap file filling up! So Ive created a new 2GB swap file on the SSD. This also now seems to work well. One thing that is worrying is that the ram is almost gone and swap use is increasing by a few MB each day, it still appears to running OK, will this eventually stop? is HA leaking?

Can anyone recommend a better setup HW/SW? for the PI 4, more memory (4 - 8 GB)? Use only an SSD?

I’m quite happy now updating the python env and upgrading HA when necessary.


Anyone? Or should this be in hardware?