Raspberry Pi 4 running Hassio stops after some time

Hi there,

I ran a Home Assistant from a Raspberry Pi fine for some time, but it started showing a frustrating issue.

I know this is might be a RPi issue, but as the Pi can often start normally, i figured the issue could very well be related to HA. These forums probably include some brilliant Pi minds, anyway :slight_smile:

The issue:
Home Assistant running off Raspberry Pi 4B either:

  • stops without clear trigger and shows a looping error code
  • shows a looping error code after trying to boot for about a minute

No functionality still workswhen the issue occurs, it just sits there with the lights blinking in a pattern.

RPi Code / lights pattern:
Red power light is on.
Green power light cycles to a low light on, and gets three peaks of bright flashes, then turns off again:

off low high low high low high low off

The closest i can find on the RPi guides: 3x flash = Generic failure to boot :roll_eyes:.

Reproducing the issue:
The issue seems to almost not occur when the Pi is not used: when turned on without interacting en leaving the house on boot, the device works fine after returning home (sometimes days). Shortly after, the issue starts.
If the HA started up, all t takes is to mess around a bit and try to set up some sensors. After a short while the issue occurs.

Background info

  • I am very new to RPi and HA, so this might be a very simple case of idiocy
  • I installed HA on a raspberry Pi 4B using their Raspberry Pi Image, via windows 10 PC
  • running off an SD card
  • I use both pc and app interface to interact with the device.
  • Power supply is the official RPi one.
  • I try to attach some wifi devices, some through Conbee II/deconz.
  • SD card is a brandname
  • I have set up the remote access (nabucasa) which also seems to not affect the issue frequency.

Steps taken:

  • I noticed the housing gets warm, so added a small heatsink, and I leave the cover open for now
  • Booting with or without Conbee II plugged in seems to have no effect. Other than that, only power, ethernet and sd card are plugged.
  • Fresh install does not fix the issue.
  • Other SD card does not fix the issue.
  • Other power supply does not fix the issue
  • I did not yet hook it up to a screen, I don’t have the required cable for it.

Any leads are welcome. I took a video of the error code, if it can help, I can post in a format thats allowed here.

Best Regards,

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