Raspberry PI Cover stopped working

I recently decided to update HASSIO. I was on .56 and updated to .64.1.

Everything went fine except my Raspberry pi cover stopped working. Everything looks fine, I don’t see and errors, it comes up in the UI just fine. But when I click ‘open’ it isn’t triggering my relay anymore.

I am having a hard time trouble shooting it because there are no errors that I can see.

When I click the open button the little notification pops up that says “Service/cover open” pops up, so I know if it trying to call the service…

What am I missing!!! I’m not even sure what I can port here to help trouble shoot since my log doesn’t show any problems that I can see either.

Thanks for your help. Love this community, hope I can contribute more in the future.

Have you checked all the breaking changes between .56 and .64.1 there are quite a few, check each blog entry.

You can also increase the amount of data that is put in the log file by changing the logger: entry


  default: warning
    homeassistant.components: debug

This will spew out a lot of information, and you may need to be more specific in the homeassistant.components line to make it see information just related to the raspberry pi cover.

I think my Relay might have bit the dust. As I look at it, the little LED on the relay faintly blinks when I try to open the garage door but the relay isn’t actually triggering. I ordered another relay, this time an actually known brand instead of a cheapo Chinese one. I will plug it in sunday and see if that works.

I will keep you posted.

I ordered one of these-

I should be able to just plug it directly into the PI, right? Just 5v power off the PI and then the GPIO pin. Is this correct?

Here is a little update on my silly problem.

I recieved my new relay, same problem. So I upped the trigger time from the default .2 seconds to a full second and the relay fires. Woohoo! Except…The relay clicks and the indicator light turns on, but it isn’t actually working. Putting a multimeter on it shows that it isn’t actually making a connection. It is like this with both relays.

I haven’t had time to play with it much yet, but my guess is the relay isn’t getting enough power. Which would possibly explain why it wouldn’t fully trigger at .2 seconds and at 1 second it isn’t fully engaging.

I am currently running my PI off of a power strip that has a couple 2.4 amp usb ports on it. I am going to try a full 2.5 amp “certified” for pi use power supply tonight.

Still not sure why this started happening when I updated though. I will update this when I get around to trying the better power supply.

Am I way off base here? Any thoughts?

I guess I am just documenting my trouble shooting now. Maybe it can help someone in the future.

No change with the “certified” pi power supply.

My next step is a clean install of Hassio to see if that works. I’ll just do it on a new SD card and just set up the Raspberry pi cover to see if it works.

i updated my HASS.IO and have the same issue …

a few gpios work (1 with dh22 of three and 6 relays of 12) …

i have no idea, the relay works fine on gpio 20, 21, 22, 27 …

all other the status led is on a little bit and the relay do nothing …

All Works fine since yesterday … HASS is really not good at the moment …

If i do not find any fix for that i have to change to OpenHAB etc.

I totally frustrated … i work for days till the shit works than comes an update an everything is break…

If i find an answer i let you know …

Greets Ned

It looks like this issue is related to how long the GPIO triggers on the port specified with HASSIO. I just created a new SD card with HASSIO and the cover module did not work. When I put my old SD card back in it did. Seems like it is the time that HASSIO triggers the relay channel for is too short. I am experimenting with the “relay_time” setting on the cover component, however it does not seem to be having an effect. I am able to use switch properly as long as it is not using toggle. I am working still on a solution, but not going well.

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After a few tests I have found that the relay_time setting is what is causing the issue. I was able to fix it by forcing the time setting to 1 second. I have tried lower settings and it still will not work with anything under 1 second. This is the setting “relay_time” for the cover module. This required a hard restart of the pi in order to take effect. I would have to assume this is because the variable is sent to the relay board. Here is my entry to the config file if anyone needs help.

  platform: rpi_gpio
  relay_time: 1
    - relay_pin: 23
      state_pin: 17
      name: 'Garage Door'
    - relay_pin: 24
      state_pin: 26
      name: 'Light'