Raspberry Pi with hassio not connecting

Hassio was running perfectly on my Pi up until a few weeks ago. The Pi is no longer showing up in the router while being connected with a cable. I cannot access the Pi anymore.
Is there another solution apart from starting all over again?

Thanks a lot

Can you ping the pi?

What lights are on in the pi?

If you plug a monitor in, what do you see?

If restarts after power-off and network connectivity - tests without success, hard- or software seems to be broken. Easiest way for me would be to to create a new hassio - image on another appropriate SD-Card , reload your last snapshot - backup and see what happens. Backups in hass-io is essential and really easy. All should last less than one hour.

Thanks for the quick response.

Ping no response,
No lights are blinking next tot the ethernet port
Connected to a monitor there is no signal coming from the pi.

Looks to me its dead.

Thanks for your reply, tried the above first. It seems the pi is no longer active. Will go for the formatting and installing the backup.