Rasperry PI 4 to Odroid N2 Blue


Have been running HA on a PI4 for a couple of months but run into issues with no connection situation a couple of Times so I will now change HW to a preconfigured Odroid N2 Blue. When starting this new unit the onboarding window pops up to create a new account. It is also an option in this pop up to rebuild from an existing snapshot. Can I do so using the latest snapshot from the PI 4 to move the system to the Odroid?


this is what I did. Created a snapshot from my Pi install, then when onboarding the Blue I used that snapshot to restore all my settings. Up and running without issues within less than 15 minutes.

Edit: They followed the same steps here: Home Assistant Blue Review - Tech Tech And More Tech

Thanks, will go this line as well. Will test next week when I get physical access to both units.