Re-add integration into Esphome


how do i add a integration under Esphome back into the Esphome Node screen?
Everything works fine and my node shows up under the integration section. I just cant see if its online in the Esphome node screen.

Anyone know a fix for this?

Did you delete the .yaml file for that device?

i think i have deleted it in the esphome node screen only.
Looking in the config/esphome/ there is no entry for the entitiy.

There is no way to re-create the yaml except from a backup or guessing/memory.

i do have the yaml stored on my pc for future reference.
Can i add that as a new file in config/esphome, or do i need to make a new node and paste it in there?

Just move the file to config/esphome

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thank you!, that worked. Just had to make sure that the name of the file is also excatly the same as the integrations name.