Reactor for the Home assistant

Does anyone know the plugin/addon Reactor for the Home assistant? is to create automations

I think it is for Vera (openLuup) rather than Home Assistant

yes, I use it in Vera… I would like to know if there is a home assistant

Take a look here: Multi-System Reactor | Smart Home - Community
It works with a variety of hubs. Way easier to write automations in than HA. Runs on a variety of platforms as well as in docker.

I currently think it is not available for the docker. I already tried and I couldn’t

I am running in Docker. You can pull from this docker pull toggledbits/reactor:latest-generic-amd64. If running a different processor, you will need to look up the image names in the documentation.

cool. so are you satisfied? i already tried to install once and i couldn’t. i love the reactor to vera home

Yeah, for the most part. Some aspects of Vera Reactor plug-in, I like better, but MSR works well.

I have installed MSR Reactor on my Synology NAS running Docker. Home Assistant also run inside Docker. I moved all my automations out of Home Assistant and do not regret it. Find it much easier to use actually and it just works.

I don’t have docker. I have the home assistant installed directly on rp4…. it may be that there will be an integration of the reactor

MSR can run on anything. No other computers running all the time?

The zwave2mqtt beta i am testing works great.

@ JohnAbruzzi04 Have a look at the installation instructions. Maybe they apply to your set up? Good luck.

I’ve tried it and I couldn’t. I don’t have docker :s

Not understanding your response. It will run on plain old linux, windows 10. It does not require docker.

do you have the reactor working on Windows 10 and the home assistant on another machine?

I have Home assistant on a dedicated RPI4 running HAOS. Reactor is running on Docker on a separate old server I had running Debian. They do not need to be located on the same hardware. Reactor runs on NodeJS according to the docs and will run under windows. The windows instructions are near to end of the installation document. The author of the program is very active on Multi-System Reactor | Smart Home - Community . There are plenty of people to assist you getting started if you run in to any issues.

OK. Thank you very much. I already know the forum. I already use the reactor but it’s for gateway vera :wink:

Hey guys,

it seems a reactor plugin was built but I tried version 0.0.8 and it seems to have a flaw. The reactor-data files stay empty and ik looks like maybe the wrong directory is mounted in docker? I posted my question in the Reactor Community but it seems that there is no support?

Has anyone solved this issue? I would love to run reactor on my HAOS itself.

Warm regards,


The guy who wrote the addon for Home Assistant has not been on that forum since Mar 10, 2023, 5:14 AM. Think it is not supported anymore. I was never able to get it to work.