Read and writre MQTT topic

I have a Victron setup where i can chose the SOC.

- platform: mqtt
  name: Victron Minimum SOC limit
  unique_id: Victron_min_soc_limit
  state_topic: "N/XXXXX/settings/0/Settings/CGwacs/BatteryLife/MinimumSocLimit"
  unit_of_measurement: "%"
  value_template: "{{ value_json.value | int}}"
  icon: mdi:battery-80

I want to create a slider of this so i can change the Min SOC with steps of 5% but to write it back to the victron i need to publish Payload: {“value”: 40.0) for example to W/XXXXX/settings/0/Settings/CGwacs/BatteryLife/MinimumSocLimit"

Is this possible to achive this? I was trying with a helper variable that ended no where

Did you try MQTT Number?

I will have a look t it thanks