Read Only Access to Dashboard


I would like to set up read only guest access to view the dashboards I have created. I have remote access via Nabu Casa so unique url is sorted , but I only want guest users to see the dashboard, no side bar or access to make changes,

I created a user without admin rights but when I log in I can use the side bar to navigate to other dashboards and start up media players etc

So is there a way to control what a user can see but also control various entities? some form of RBAC model would be ideal?

Thanks in advance



Create sensors that show what you want them to see and place that in tabs that they can access

Don’t provide access to other tabs

Ok thank you … not too sure how to do that , but I’ll have a go once Ive sorted out an issue where HACS wont load with error: config flow could not be loaded …

All since I did the latest update to core