Read resistance with an ESP for LP Gauge

I’m looking to get one of these gauges for a replacement on my LP tank. I believe it provides resistance and the values are linear in relation to how much LP is left in the tank.

What kind of sensor can I use with an ESP to be able to read values from this?

thanks, though I already read that. The LP sensor that I linked above has two wires which I believe you connect to a GND and VCC. The manual that you’re referencing above assumes that there are three wires with the third being an Analog in-between. So I’m still trying to figure out how I would use an ESP to read the wires that come from the LP. Do I need an additional sensor in between the the ESP and the LP wires? If so what would that be?

Is the diagram saying I would just put a 5.6kOhm resistor in between my VCC and the LP wire and then connect an analog wire after the 5.6kohm to read it?

I know this stuff might be a peice of cake for you, but I’m actually looking for someone to give me the steps I need to read from the LP gauge I listed. No worries if you don’t want to do that but that’s the response I’m hoping for.

Upstream configuration:
Connect one wire from your sensor to 3.3V. Does not matter which one.
Choose a resistor that is half the maximum resistance of your sensor.
Connect the resistor to the other wire from your sensor.
Connect the other end of the resistor to ground.
Connect the junction of the resistor and your sensor to the A0 input.

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Any updates? I am interested in doing the same thing. Also adding G12846 for search reasons.